Pregnancy Complications after Gastric Bypass






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Pregnancy Complications after Gastric Bypass
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Gastric bypass is a procedure that can be completed when a person is looking to lose a massive amount of weight. Losing weight is a great way to increase the chances of becoming pregnant because of the effect that additional weight has on our health. However, women who have gastric bypass may find that there are additional pregnancy complications that they must consider as well.

Becoming pregnant after a gastric bypass is usually easier than it was for the woman before. Women who are overweight tend to struggle because the additional weight makes their ovulation cycles irregular. The additional fat deposits can also affect their ability to produce healthy eggs as well.

Losing-weight-is-a-great-way-to-increase-the-chances-of-becoming-pregnant-because-of-the-effect-that-additional-weight-has-on-our-healthOne of the biggest concerns that women have when they are pregnant after having a gastric bypass is their ability to eat enough to keep their baby healthy. Approximately 20% of women who have had a gastric bypass find that they are not able to consume enough for their babies. In these instances, supplements are given to the woman to help.

Another issue that women experience when they are pregnant after a gastric bypass is that they will most likely need to have a C-section. Due to the area where the gastric bypass is placed, it is possible that a natural birth will cause issues with the incision area, which makes a C-section the best option.

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