High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy but No Protein in Urine






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High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy but No Protein in Urine
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Having high blood pressure during pregnancy can be dangerous for both the mother and the baby. One of the main concerns is that the baby will not receive enough oxygen to develop correctly as it is growing. This could lead to complications with the pregnancy or birth defects in the baby after it is born.

Along with high blood pressure, it is possible for the mother to develop preeclampsia. This dangerous condition could lead to many issues for the mother. Along with causing issues with the liver and kidneys, this condition can cause fluid to buildup in the lungs, swelling and problems with vision. Seizures can also occur if the condition is not treated and eclampsia develops.

It-is-possible-for-women-to-have-high-blood-pressure-but-not-have-protein-in-their-urineHigh blood pressure is one item that doctors look for in women who are pregnant because it can be a sign of preeclampsia. However, along with this, protein will also be present in the urine. It is possible for women to have high blood pressure, but not have protein in their urine. This means that the woman does not have preeclampsia.

Even though preeclampsia may not be present, this does not mean that there is no reason to be concerned about high blood pressure. Instead, doctors will need to continue monitoring the blood pressure in order to ensure that the mother and the baby remains healthy.

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