Hemorrhoids Versus Rectal Cancer






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Hemorrhoids Versus Rectal Cancer
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Hemorrhoids are fairly common and can be treated at home or with medication. However, some of the early symptoms of rectal cancer can also be similar to the symptoms that you would have with hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are caused when the varicose veins become inflamed and swollen. Because of this inflammation, they may push through the anus and become sore and tender. This is a common item for pregnant women to develop, but it is also something that men and women who are not pregnant can develop as well.

rectal-cancer-will-feel-the-need-to-pass-stools-constantlyRectal cancer has a few other symptoms to watch out for. For starters, those with rectal cancer will feel the need to pass stools constantly. This is even the case when the bowels are completely empty. When they do pass a stool, they will not be round in shape, which is the norm. It is also possible for blood to be in the stool when they do pass one.

Along with these issues, they will also likely see a change to their bowel movement patterns. For example, they may develop diarrhea or constipation when they did not have it in the pass. Weight loss and fatigue are also common for people with rectal cancer. It is best to talk to your doctor if you are suffering from these symptoms.

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