Gestational Diabetes and High Blood Pressure






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Gestational Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
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For the most part, it is common for women to have a normal pregnancy that does not have any complications. However, there are items that can occur during a pregnancy that can cause problems. Because of this, a woman’s doctor will want to keep an eye out for things like high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

The body gets most of its energy from glucose. In order for the glucose to move throughout the blood and find its way to the muscles and organs, insulin is needed. When a woman is pregnant, her body will need to produce 4 times the amount of insulin that it normally does. However, this is sometimes not the case and gestational diabetes will surface. Testing for this condition is conducted between 24 and 28 weeks of a pregnancy.

a-womans-doctor-will-want-to-keep-an-eye-out-for-things-like-high-blood-pressure-and-gestational-diabetesAt every doctor’s appointment, the woman’s blood pressure will also be taken. The reason that this is conducted is because doctors are looking for a condition called preeclampsia, which is high blood pressure and protein in the urine. This could lead to swelling and complications with the baby.

Both of these conditions can be dangerous for the mother and baby if they go untreated. This is the reason that going to doctor’s appointments is so important while pregnant. Catching these issues early can ensure that proper treatment takes place.

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