Termination of Pregnancy by Dilatation and Curettage






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Termination of Pregnancy by Dilatation and Curettage
Termination of Pregnancy by Dilatation and Curettage, 2.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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When terminating a pregnancy, one popular procedure is dilation and curettage. During this procedure, tissue is removed from the inside of the uterus. It is referred to by this name because doctors will use instruments to dilate the cervix, which is the lower part of the uterus. An instrument called a curette is then used to remove the tissue.

There are a number of reasons that this procedure may be needed. For example, it could be used to terminate a risky pregnancy. However, it is also something that is sometimes necessary after a woman has a miscarriage.

Another reason that doctors may use this procedure is to help ease heavy bleeding in a woman. It can also be used to remove a molar pregnancy, which occurs when a tumor forms rather than a normal pregnancy.

dilation-and-curattage-could-be-used-to-terminate-a-risky-pregnancyThere are some risks involved, but this is usually considered to be a safe procedure. It is possible that the procedure could cause damage to the cervix or that scar tissue could form on the uterine wall.

An infection is also possible as is damage to the uterus. Make sure that you talk to your doctor about danger signs after this procedure. This will help you know when you need to call your doctor so that you can remain healthy.

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