How Long Does Induced Labor Usually Last?






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How Long Does Induced Labor Usually Last?
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There are times when a woman is pregnant that there are risks to either her or her baby. When this is the case, it is common for doctors to induce labor in order to deliver the baby quickly. Induction is the process that doctors go through to imitate natural labor. This will cause the uterus to begin contracting, after a particular medication is given to the mother.

It isn’t possible to predict how long the induction process will take. Nor is it possible to predict how long it will take to deliver the baby after labor does begin. Sometimes, women find that being induced means that they will be in labor for a few hours.

Induction-is-the-process-that-doctors-go-through-to-imitate-natural-laborUnfortunately, other women have been in labor for a day or even longer after being induced. Usually, being induced will take longer if it is the first pregnancy. It is possible that if labor doesn’t begin on the day that the induction process occurs, that the woman will be sent home to wait.

Most of the time, inducing labor is a success and the baby will be able to be born naturally. However, there are times when a woman doesn’t respond to the induction process. At this time, a decision will need to be made to decide if the woman should wait longer or have a C-section.

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