Cesarean Section and Postpartum Depression






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Cesarean Section and Postpartum Depression
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Postpartum depression is something that many women experience after having a baby. In fact, 8 out of 10 women experience some form of it after giving birth. Women who have a cesarean section commonly develop this condition after giving birth. It stems from feelings of anxiety, depression and labor that can affect the woman’s ability to care for the baby.

Typically, these feelings go away about two weeks after the woman gives birth. However, when they last longer than this timeframe, postpartum depression may be a diagnosis for the woman. Some of the symptoms that the woman may experience is extreme feelings of doubt, anger, guilt, depression and helplessness that only seem to get worse over time.

Postpartum-depression-is-something-that-many-women-experience-after-having-a-babyIt is also possible that the woman will not be able to care for herself and her baby. She may experience a change in appetite or develop panic attacks. Many woman find themselves intensely concerned or worried about the baby or having little interest in the baby.

Some of the reasons that postpartum depression is more likely after a c-section is because of the changes in hormones that the woman experiences. It can also be caused by exhaustion from the delivery process as well as the lack of sleep. Some women also experience it because they are letdown because they were unable to experience a vaginal birth.

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