Are Pregnancy Contractions Always Painful?






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Are Pregnancy Contractions Always Painful?
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Women experience the labor process of a pregnancy in a number of different ways. Some women experience a very fast labor, meaning that they begin feeling intense contractions very quickly. However, for other women it can take some time before they begin noticing that they are actually in labor.

Doctors will regularly place a woman who is pregnant on monitors that will determine if she is having contractions. Sometimes, the woman may be having contractions that she is not even noticing. This is because the contractions are so small that she is unable to feel them.

one-thing-that-is-certain-is-that-she-will-begin-to-feel-stronger-contractions-as-time-progressesHowever, when a woman does go into labor, one thing that is certain is that she will begin to feel stronger contractions as time progresses. These contractions are rather painful and will grow closer together as she continues to progress through the labor process.

There is very little that can be done to relieve contraction pain. Sometimes massaging the lower back or taking a warm bath helps some. However, for the most part, women are taught breathing techniques that will allow them to focus while the contraction passes. Contractions are usually strongest the closer that a woman is to actually giving birth to her baby.

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