Mittelschmerz Before or After Ovulation






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Mittelschmerz Before or After Ovulation
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Mittelschmerz is pain that a woman will feel in her abdomen or pelvic region during her menstrual cycle. This is something that can occur immediately before, during or after ovulation begins. This is pain that is associated with the actual production and release of the egg from the ovary.

Only about 20% of women experience this pain. Some of these women have the pain every month but others only have it once in a while. Sometimes, the pain can be sudden and severe and last for only a few hours. Other women have longer amounts of time that they feel the pain. While feeling the pain for two or three days is common, some women even feel it until their next cycle begins.

Mittelschmerz-is-pain-that-a-woman-will-feel-in-her-abdomen-or-pelvic-region-during-her-menstrual-cycleLocalized pain is also common, meaning that the woman will feel the pain in a specific location on her body. If this occur, the woman may even be able to determine which ovary is producing her egg for the month.

Sometimes, doctors will want to perform a few tests just to make sure something else isn’t causing the pain. However, these tests usually come back normally and no treatment is required. To treat the pain, the woman will typically take over the counter pain medication.

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