How to tell if your Pregnant if you don’t get Periods






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How to tell if your Pregnant if you don’t get Periods
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When a woman thinks that she is pregnant, she usually waits to see if her period is late. This is the first clue that a woman might be pregnant. But, what happens if a woman doesn’t have regular periods in the first place? How will she know if she might be pregnant? The first thing that you should do if you think you are pregnant is to start paying attention to your body’s clues.

Notice if you are feeling nauseous, if your breasts feel tender, or if you feel more tired than usual. You might also have to use the restroom more than usual if you are in the early stages of pregnancy.

When-a-woman-thinks-that-she-is-pregnant-she-usually-waits-to-see-if-her-period-is-lateYou can try to use inexpensive home pregnancy tests to determine if you are pregnant or not, but keep in mind that these might not work if the HTC in your blood has not had a chance to build up to levels that are able to be detected by a home pregnancy test.

You can also go to your doctor and have your doctor perform a blood pregnancy test or a urine pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant. If you do not have normal periods, you will have a hard time determining if you are pregnant or not by waiting for a missed period. However, if you pay attention to early pregnancy signs, or use home pregnancy tests, you will be able to see if you are pregnant or not.

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