Can I Get Pregnant With a 21 Day Cycle?






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Can I Get Pregnant With a 21 Day Cycle?
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Women can have a cycle that runs any length of days. While a certain timeframe is common, this is not always the case. Some women may have a 28 day cycle and others may have a shorter cycle or longer. However, regardless of the length of your cycle, you should still be able to become pregnant.

The first thing that you should do is to monitor your ovulation cycle. To do this, you can choose to use an ovulation predictor kit or a basal thermometer to make sure that you are ovulating properly. These are both used on a daily basis and will help you to know when you should try to conceive.

Women-can-have-a-cycle-that-runs-any-length-of-daysIf you find that you are not ovulating, you should talk to your doctor. It is possible that your doctor will decide to have you take a drug called Clomid, which is intended to help regulate your cycle. Most women are able to become pregnant quickly after they begin taking this drug.

You should also begin eating right and taking prenatal vitamins. These will help regulate your ovulation cycle and will help you have a better chance of becoming pregnant. When you are ovulating, make sure that  you have intercourse every other day for several days during the time that you are ovulating.

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