Amenorrhea Treatment with Birth Control Pills






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Amenorrhea Treatment with Birth Control Pills
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Amenorrhea is something that women go through many times in their lives. It simply refers to a time when the woman is not having a monthly menstrual cycle. It is common for women to miss a cycle or two throughout the year, but missing more than a couple of months in a row can be alarming.

Usually, when women begin missing their monthly cycle more than one month in a row, this means that they are either pregnant or going through menopause. However, this is not always the case and sometimes other medical conditions can cause this to occur as well.

amenorrhea-refers-to-a-time-when-the-woman-is-not-having-a-monthly-menstrual-cycleOne thing to keep in mind is that not having a monthly period could mean that another health concern is present that needs to be treated. It also makes it harder for a woman to conceive because she is probably not ovulating either.

Birth control is one of the most common ways to treat amenorrhea because it helps to regulate the body’s hormones. An imbalance of hormones is a common reason that women will experience amenorrhea. By taking birth control pills, hormone levels can be regulated. For best results, it is best to talk to your doctor about your amenorrhea treatment options.

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