What if an Ovulation Kit has no Line?






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What if an Ovulation Kit has no Line?
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An ovulation predictor kit will help a woman to determine when she is ovulating. They are fairly simple to use, but it takes a bit of understanding in order to know what to look for. When you are using an ovulation predictor kit, you will test every morning by urinating on the test as you would with a pregnancy test.

The test will look for a specific hormone in a woman’s urine that is present when she is ovulating. If this hormone is found, it will return with a positive test. Reading the test can be a bit tricky. Most tests work the same, with a control line that must be compared to a second line.

An-ovulation-predictor-kit-will-help-a-woman-to-determine-when-she-is-ovulatingThe second line will only begin to appear when the woman is nearing ovulation. This means that if the kit has no line other than the control line, she is not ovulating. When you are reading the test, compare your line to the control line. When your line grows as dark or darker than this control line, this will mean that you are ovulating.

For best results, always read the instructions when you begin using an ovulation predictor kit. While they all tend to work similarly, you should understand how to read the results of your particular test before you begin trying to track your ovulation.

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