Endometriosis: Does It Cause Infertility?






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Endometriosis: Does It Cause Infertility?
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When a woman has endometriosis, endometrial tissue will begin growing outside of the uterus. This will, in turn, cause tissue to build up in and around certain areas of the body, such as the bladder, ovaries, fallopian tubes and other areas of the pelvic region as well.

There are many different levels of endometriosis, but even the mildest forms can affect the fertility of the woman with this condition. Endometriosis can also grow in the ovaries, which may affect the body’s ability to process the egg. Because of this, women with endometriosis are also at a higher risk of having a miscarriage as well.

women-with-endometriosis-are-also-at-a-higher-risk-of-having-a-miscarriageWhen a woman becomes pregnant, her body will begin producing hormones that are important to the pregnancy. However, when she has endometriosis, these hormones may not be able to get where they need to go and will be released into the stomach region instead. When this happens, the woman’s body will become confused and has the chance that it will continue to ovulate even if pregnancy has already occurred.

If the body continues to ovulate, it will also attempt to shed the lining and therefore cause an early miscarriage as well. Even though there are many complications for women who have endometriosis, many women have been successful in becoming pregnant and carrying the baby to term.

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