Can I get Pregnant with the Implant?






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Can I get Pregnant with the Implant?
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If you are sexually active, no form of birth control can completely stop a pregnancy from occurring. However, an implant is effective about 99% of the time if it is installed correctly and replaced as required. Usually, these devices will prevent a pregnancy from occurring for several years.

If you do find that you become pregnant with an implant in, you will need to talk to your doctor. The device will need to be removed in order to protect the health of both you and your baby. If it is left in place, it could cause you to miscarry or the baby could develop birth defects.

no-form-of-birth-control-can-completely-stop-a-pregnancy-from-occurringMost women are able to become pregnant fairly quickly after they have an implant removed. However, it is possible that you could struggle to become pregnant after having an implant removed. Some women find that their bodies have a difficult time adjusting to not having the implant in and fail to begin ovulating.

For some, this means simply waiting a few months until their bodies start ovulating naturally. For others, this means that they must take fertility drugs or over the counter supplements to get their cycle started again. You should talk to your doctor about the best form of treatment that will help you get pregnant the fastest.

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