How long does it take to get pregnant with PCOS and metformin?






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How long does it take to get pregnant with PCOS and metformin?
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Since every woman is different, it is difficult to determine the amount of time that it will take before she can become pregnant when she is taking metformin for PCOS. Metformin is a popular drug that is used for women with PCOS because it can help regulate their menstrual cycle. It can also help start ovulation and reduce the chance that a miscarriage will occur when pregnancy does happen.

Many times, metformin is also combined with Clomid which can help increase the chances that a woman has of becoming pregnant even more. Clomid is a drug that has been designed to help make a woman ovulate and usually does so after the first three cycles.

Taking-metformin-can-create-side-effects-and-it-is-important-that-you-discuss-these-with-your-doctorStudies also show that taking metformin with PCOS can help improve the chances that woman has of becoming pregnant significantly. Most women are able to become pregnant within a year.

Taking metformin can create side effects and it is important that you discuss these with your doctor. One of the most common side effects is nausea, especially throughout the first cycle. While many women are unable to continue taking metformin due to the side effects, others have been able to handle the side effects and become pregnant.


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