Can I get Pregnant with No Period after Depo?






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Can I get Pregnant with No Period after Depo?
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Most people believe that if you are having a period that you are able to become pregnant. This is actually not the case. Every month and egg is released into the uterus. For the next 24 hours, the egg waits to be fertilized.

After this point, the egg dies and the woman’s period will typically begin. However, this is not always the way things happen. Some women are able to ovulate even when they are not having a period. While this is rare, it causes the need to track the ovulation cycle when you are trying to become pregnant.

Medical: Nurse at pharmacy clinic giving flu shot to patient.Depo is a drug that is given to stop the woman’s ovulation cycle. If you have taken this drug, there is a possibility that you will struggle to ovulate after you stop taking it. If you are tracking your ovulation cycle and you find that you are not ovulating after the drug has worn off, you should talk to your doctor.

Since it isn’t possible to become pregnant without ovulating, you may need to take medication to help start your cycle once again. Your doctor will be able to prescribe medication that is very effective at starting and regulating this cycle so that you are able to conceive.

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