Can I get Pregnant with High Prolactin?






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Can I get Pregnant with High Prolactin?
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Prolactin is created by the pituitary gland and is usually released to produce milk when a woman is breastfeeding. If a woman has a high level of prolactin, it is likely that she will not be ovulating regularly. This will make it difficult to become pregnant, since ovulation is required in order to conceive.

Another issue that is caused by high prolactin levels is that it can also affect the levels of progesterone in the body as well. Women with low levels of progesterone are more likely to have a short luteal phase, which can make it harder for the embryo to attach properly. This could result in a miscarriage.

If-a-woman-has-a-high-level-of-prolactin-it-is-likely-that-she-will-not-be-ovulating-regularlyOne of the best things that you can do to fight high prolactin is to take certain over the counter supplements like Vitex. This supplement has been shown to help regulate hormonal levels so that a woman will have a better chance of becoming pregnant.

Keep in mind that if you are breastfeeding it is important that you talk to your doctor before you begin taking supplements. Some women, who are looking to continue breastfeeding but are hoping to become pregnant, have found that supplementing formula along with their breastmilk is sufficient at lowering prolactin levels.

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