Can I get Pregnant with HCG in My System?






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Can I get Pregnant with HCG in My System?
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hCG is often referred to as the pregnancy hormone. It is present in the body when a woman is pregnant. However, it is also something that can be given to women via a shot on a number of circumstances.

hCG shots are given to women who are struggling to ovulate. This is something that can force their body to begin ovulating and may also help lengthen the luteal phase. Having intercourse after taking one of these shots can help increase your chances of conceiving.

hCG-is-often-referred-to-as-the-pregnancy-hormoneIt is important to note that hCG can stay in the system for around 14 days. This means that taking a pregnancy test before the drug is completely out of your system could provide a false positive. Instead, you should wait at least two weeks after taking the shot to take a pregnancy test.

The most important thing that a woman needs to be able to become pregnant is ovulation. If she is not ovulating, she will not be able to get pregnant whether or not she has hcg in her system. There are many tools that you can use to see if you are ovulating, but a couple of the best options are ovulation predictor kits or basal thermometers.

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