Can I get Pregnant with Functional Cyst?






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Can I get Pregnant with Functional Cyst?
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A functional cyst is simply a sac of fluid that is located on an ovary. It is something that can actually occur naturally when a woman goes through ovulation. Usually these cysts will go away on their own and they typically don’t affect fertility.

There are times, however, when these types of cysts do pose a problem. For example, it is possible that a cyst will begin bleeding or turn into a hemorrhagic cyst. This could cause abdominal pain and may need to be removed. To remove these, doctors will perform a surgery to remove the cells around the ovary.

The-best-treatment-for-functional-cysts-is-to-become-pregnantOne thing to keep in mind is that surgery to remove these cysts may actually cause issues with a woman’s fertility. Some doctors prefer to remove the entire ovary during these surgeries, which will make it difficult for the woman to become pregnant.

The best treatment for functional cysts is to become pregnant. Since the cysts don’t affect a woman’s fertility, it is best to leave them alone and attempt to become pregnant with them still in place. It is best to avoid attempts to remove them because these attempts could cause a woman to struggle even more when it comes to becoming pregnant.

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