Can I get Pregnant with Filshie Clips?






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Can I get Pregnant with Filshie Clips?
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Filshie clips are considered to be a permanent form of sterilization. They are put in place as part of a tubal ligation in order to prevent the egg from traveling through the fallopian tube. Women who do wish to become pregnant with filshie clips in place will usually require the aid of donor eggs and in-vitro fertilization.

However, there are ways that this sterilization can be reversed even though the process is not ideal. Women will need to undergo surgery to have the clips removed and the fallopian tubes reattached. One of the good things about filshie clips is that the take up less space than other forms of sterilization, which means that reversals are more successful.

Filshie-are-put-in-place-as-part-of-a-tubal-ligation-in-order-to-prevent-the-egg-from-traveling-through-the-fallopian-tubeEven with the reversal, it could still be difficult or impossible for the woman to become pregnant naturally. There is a chance that the fallopian tubes will become damaged from the procedure and the egg may not be able to travel through. In this instance, women will need to resort to in-vitro fertilization to become pregnant.

It is always best to be certain that you do not wish to become pregnant again before relying on a permanent form of birth control. They can be extremely difficult to reverse and it is also not always possible to reverse the process.

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