Can I get Pregnant with Dysmenorrhea?






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Can I get Pregnant with Dysmenorrhea?
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Dysmenorrhea is a medical condition that will cause a great deal of pain during a woman’s menstrual cycle. There are many different types of pain that could occur; shooting, burning, dull or even other types of pain.

While this condition itself will not necessarily make it harder to conceive, it is possible that it is being caused by another condition. If this is the case, one of the issues that could be caused along with this is an irregular ovulation cycle.

Dysmenorrhea-is-a-medical-condition-that-will-cause-a-great-deal-of-pain-during-a-womans-menstrual-cycleThe best way to determine if this is the problem is to track your ovulation cycle. Medication can be given if you find that you are not ovulating regularly. Unfortunately, the only way to truly treat dysmenorrhea is to have a hysterectomy or to go through menopause.

However, there are some things that you can do to naturally treat this condition. For example, taking over the counter pain medication is helpful. Many women also find that it helps to have a hot pad on their stomach or lower back. Resting is also a great way to reduce this pain. You should also consider the types of foods that you are eating because some foods may increase the pain that you feel during this time of the month.

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