Can Bromergon help me get pregnant?






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Can Bromergon help me get pregnant?
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Bromergon is typically given to women who are lactating but are not pregnant. Usually, this is caused by an increase of the prolactin hormone that is found in the body. When a woman is lactating, this hormone will be present in great quantities to help make sure that she is producing the right amount of milk for her baby.

However, when a woman is not breastfeeding and is looking to become pregnant, extra prolactin can actually keep her from becoming pregnant. In fact, this actually gives women who are breastfeeding somewhat of a natural birth control.

taking-Bromergon-by-itself-will-not-necessarily-help-a-woman-to-become-pregnantWhile this is helpful for women who are trying to avoid becoming pregnant, it is not for women who are looking to become pregnant. Because of this, doctors often prescribe Bromergon to help reduce the prolactin that is in a woman’s body.

However, taking Bromergon by itself will not necessarily help a woman to become pregnant. Usually, the reason that a woman is not being able to become pregnant is due to a lack of ovulation. For this reason, many doctors will combine Bromergon with Clomid so that both the high levels of prolactin and the lack of ovulation will be addressed at the same time.

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