7 Easy Ways to Get Pregnant With A Boy






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7 Easy Ways to Get Pregnant With A Boy
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For couples who want to become pregnant with a boy, it is likely that they will be looking for ways to improve their chances. Although there is no way to guarantee that you will become pregnant with a boy, there are some ways that have been found successful for other couples. When you are looking to become pregnant with a little boy, be sure to try out these seven tips for yourself.

1. The Shettles Method

This method was developed due to the fact that male sperm swim faster than the female sperm. However, since female sperm is stronger, it is important that the male sperm reaches the egg first. Couples relying on this method will need to keep track their ovulation cycle and attempt to have intercourse as close to the ovulation date as possible. This will help male sperm reach the egg before the female sperm in the hopes that it will fertilize it.


2. Having A Higher Sperm Count

Statistics have shown that men who have a higher sperm count are more likely to produce a boy rather than a girl. There are a number of things that your partner can do to help improve the sperm count, such as avoid alcohol and tobacco as well as avoiding having an orgasm before you ovulate for a couple of days.


3. Change Your Sex Position

When you are looking to have a boy, it may be a good idea to have intercourse that allows for deep penetration. This will make sure that the sperm gets closer to the cervix so that the male sperm will not have as far to swim to get to the egg.


4. Encourage Female Orgasm

It is suggested that women who orgasm during intercourse will be able to draw the sperm further into the cervix and improve the chances of having a boy because the male sperm will get to the egg first.


5. Time Your Intercourse

It is also important that you avoid having sex before or after ovulation. Since sperm can live in the body for several days, if you have intercourse before you ovulate it may mean that female sperm from previous sessions are still present and will have the ability to override the male sperm that has now entered the body. By avoiding having intercourse other than around the time you ovulate, you will be able to eliminate this risk.


6. Watch Your Stress Levels

Statistics have shown that men who are constantly working in areas that are more stressful or expose them to pollutants are more likely to conceive a girl rather than a boy. Some studies have been conducted showing that men who work as drivers or in large factories as well as pilots have a greater chance of having a girl. If you are looking to have a boy maintaining a healthy level of stress and avoiding pollutants is an important step in the process.


7. Add Gelatin To Your Diet

Since male sperm is not as strong as the female sperm, it becomes important to develop an environment where the male sperm will be able to thrive and have the opportunity that it needs to get to the egg. This can also mean adding testosterone to the system as well, which can improve your chances of having a boy. One way to do both of these things is to add gelatin to your diet because it can help you consume the right amounts of amino acids and improve your body’s digestion of other foods that can help in these areas.


8. Conclusion

It is important to remember that there is no guarantee that you will be able to have a boy over a girl regardless of how careful you are. However, by following these tips above you will be able to increase your chances of having a boy.

These steps are all fairly simple to follow and you will not need your doctor’s permission for any of them. Unlike medical procedures that you can have completed to help improve your chances of becoming pregnant with a boy, these tips are noninvasive and safe to follow. They also are inexpensive and not pose a risk of any negative side effects.

Ms. Wisniewski has over 15 years experience as a labor and delivery nurse, having also worked previously as a nurse midwife in the Philippines and India. She enjoys empowering women and providing family centered care to women from all cultural and educational backgrounds.

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