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Sperm Test & Semen Analysis – Male Fertility
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For couples who are struggling to become pregnant, infertility is often known as the woman’s problem. However, about 40% of the time the man is actually the reason for the issues. Since one third of all infertility cases have been shown to be related to the man, it becomes necessary to understand what can be causing these issues.

Typically, these issues are caused by low sperm count. For this reason, it is important that men get tested for fertility issues just as a woman would. Although it can be embarrassing for some, learning the issue early can make all the difference in the world when you’re trying to conceive.

1. Evaluation

The first step that you will need to go through is to visit a urologist. They will begin the step of evaluating you for issues of fertility. To begin with, they will discuss with you your medical and reproductive history and talk about any surgeries that you may have had as well as the medications that you are taking.

visit a urologist

Next, they will begin discussing with you any lifestyle questions that may be relevant. These may be questions regarding your diet, exercise, or any other habits that may be relevant. Don’t be surprised if they begin asking you about your smoking and drug use habits as well.

After your history has been gathered, the urologist will begin a physical exam. This physical exam will help determine if there is anything they can easily see that may be causing an issue. After this is completed, you will need to have a discussion regarding your sex life and any issues regarding sexually transmitted diseases that may be present.

2. Sperm and Semen Analysis

After this initial evaluation, you will be asked to provide a sample so that it can be assessed. Your sperm will be checked for sperm count, the shape of the sperm, as well as movement and many other variables.

sperm analysis

Typically, a higher number of sperm that is shaped regularly can lead to higher fertility. You should not worry if there are issues with your sperm because exceptions are common and many times they are treatable.

semen analysis

Many men have found that they have abnormal semen or low sperm count, but they are able to be treated and later conceive a child with there partner.

3. Hormone Evaluation

If your sperm and semen tests come back normal, the next step will be testing your hormones. Doctors will check to see if testosterone levels are adequate as well as many other hormones that may be causing the fertility issues that you may be having. However, hormones are typically not the reason for infertility most of the time and actually only cause issues in about 3% of men who are experiencing issues with fertility.

Hormone Evaluation

4. Genetic testing

Genetic testing may also be completed if there is still not a cause for fertility issues. Although this may be an issue, experts disagree as to when these tests should be conducted. If there is a genetic issue, these are sometimes non-treatable and men are forced to come to the realization that they are permanently infertile.

Genetic testing

If you do find yourself in this position you still have options that you can talk to your doctor about. However, it is most likely that you will need to use donor sperm in order to have a child with your partner.

5. Conclusion

Although the woman is usually the one who is focused on when it comes to fertility issues, the man should also go through fertility testing when there is an issue. At times there is no way that doctors can determine the exact cause of these issues and may not be able to determine if the issue is with the man or the woman. If this is the case there are many prescriptions and over-the-counter medications that you can try to help improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

over-the-counter medications

There are also a number of natural things that you can do such as acupuncture infertility massage that many people have found successful when they are having issues becoming pregnant. These natural items are very relaxing and can help remove stress from the body and regulate hormones. Couples who undergo these natural procedures may be able to increase her chances of becoming pregnant because they are eliminating much of the stress that is in their bodies.

Ms. Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal. She is passionate toward improving both maternal and fetal outcomes of high-risk obstetrics patients.

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