Do Gemstones increase Fertility?






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Do Gemstones increase Fertility?
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Gemstones are something that has been used for many years as good luck charms and to bring special meaning to life. However, they are often said to increase fertility as well. While there is no scientific proof that fertility can be increased by wearing or carrying gemstones, it is something that many women have relied on in the past.

One of the most popular gemstones that is said to increase fertility is rose quartz. It is a clear gemstone with a subtle pink hue and has been said to make it easier for a woman to conceive. Another option that is fairly popular is the white moonstone. The reason that it is so helpful is because they are said to regulate the ovulation cycle.

gemstones-are-often-said-to-increase-fertilityJade is also a gemstone that is said to increase fertility. One of the great things about this gemstone is that it comes in a variety of different shades. In the end, there are many different gemstones that offer help to women who are struggling to become pregnant.

While they have originally been shown to benefit women, it has also been shown that men can benefit from them as well. Picking up a few of these gemstones may be just what a couple needs when they are struggling to conceive.

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