Can Lupron help me get Pregnant?






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Can Lupron help me get Pregnant?
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Lupron is often given to women who are suffering from endometriosis because of its ability to lower the estrogen levels in the body. It does this because it is able to regulate the production of FSH and LH in the body. This is helpful because the uterine lining needs these elements in order to make sure that it is growing correctly.

Most of the time, this is the drug that is prescribed when women are going through IVF cycles. It is usually given to a woman to take for seven days before her menstrual cycle begins. The actual dosage and level may vary depending on the response of the woman.

Lupron-helps-by-shutting-down-the-bodys-natural-ability-to-produce-reproductive-hormonesBasically, Lupron helps by shutting down the body’s natural ability to produce reproductive hormones. After this shut down process takes place, women will begin taking drugs like Gonal-F or Follistim that will help to cause the follicles to develop properly.

Since ovulation will not occur while taking Lupron, the egg will be able to mature properly before it is released. After the eggs have become mature, an injection will be given to the woman of HCG which will allow the egg to be released. This drug is extremely helpful because it allows great control over the ovulation and egg release process.

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