Are There Any Over the Counter Fertility Drugs?






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Are There Any Over the Counter Fertility Drugs?
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Women, who are struggling to become pregnant, often look for ways that they can become more fertile before going to see their doctor. One question that is often asked is if there are any over-the-counter drugs that you can take without a prescription. In fact, there are actually many that you can choose from and each option provides different benefits than the other. Below is some of the top over-the-counter fertility drugs that you can choose from that are most likely sitting on shelves in your local drugstore.

1. Red Raspberry Leaf

The red raspberry leaf supplement helps to promote an environment where your egg will be protected by strengthening the uterus and improving the uterine lining. When you’re egg does become fertilized, having a strong uterus and uterine lining will help ensure that it has the opportunity than it needs to implant properly and continue growing throughout a healthy pregnancy.


2. Ovulex

Ovulex is a popular and all-natural option that will allow you many of the benefits of other fertility drugs without the fear of side effects that typically come along with them. This supplement works with your entire body to help improve its overall health of the reproductive system. When everything is working correctly, it will become easier for a woman to conceive naturally.


This supplement does take a little bit of time to work so if you are looking for a quick fix this will not be the answer for you. It is also best that you take Ovulex along with keeping a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. The combination of these items with the supplement will help you become pregnant faster.

3. Black Cohosh

This supplement dates back to ancient times when women began taking it in order to help them conceive. It can help regulate your menstrual cycle and has been shown to stimulate the ovaries.  Since it has been used for many years, it has been quite successful in helping women to conceive in the past. However, it is important that you regulate when you use this supplement because you should not be using it when you are not ovulating.


4. Evening Primrose Oil

This supplement is available both in oil and a cream as well as a supplement. Its main goal is to improve the health of your cervical mucus which has been shown to help protect and guide the sperm when it is attempting to fertilize the egg. Although cervical mucus is not required to become pregnant, it can definitely help improve your chances if yours is healthy.


5. Chasteberry

This is a popular option for women who are trying to become pregnant because it helps regulate hormones that can hinder the process of conceiving. Since our hormones can become unbalanced overtime, some hormones may hinder the conception process if they remain out of balance. Chasteberry helps to solve these issues and make it more likely that a woman will become pregnant.


6. False Unicorn

False unicorn is perhaps the most popular supplement that is available over the counter. It has also been used for many years by women who are looking to regulate their menstrual cycle and the function of their ovaries. Men can also use this supplement to help improve the quality and quantity of their sperm so that it is easier for their partner to become pregnant.


7. Maca Pills

When men and women have issues with their libido, this can cause their hormones to be out of balance. This supplement helps to regulate those hormones and can improve the sperm count in men as well as the libido in both sides of the couple. It is also available without a prescription and is extremely popular in many locations.


8. Conclusion

There are many over-the-counter pills that you can take when you are trying to become pregnant. These pills have been shown to be successful, but there is really no scientific proof backing them.

However, since these are natural options, many people choose to take them first before they rely on fertility pills because they are able to avoid many of the side effects that typically come along with prescription fertility drugs. They are also much less expensive and women will be able to avoid taking injections with these drugs. If you are considering taking any supplements, it is a good idea to talk it over with your doctor beforehand.

Dr. Lynette Weiss is ConceiveEasy's Senior Physician and Scientific Director. She is certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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