Can I get Pregnant with Uterine Polyps?






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Can I get Pregnant with Uterine Polyps?
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Uterine polyps are pretty common and can appear in women of all ages. They develop as growths inside the uterus and extend into the uterus itself. For the most part, these polyps are usually not cancerous and do not cause a great deal of issues.

However, there are some types that are cancerous or precancerous. For this reason, doctors will suggested removing the polyps when they are found. The procedure to remove these polyps is fairly simple. Most of the time, this procedure doesn’t cause any issue with the woman’s ability to conceive, but there are some women who struggle afterwards.

medication-may-be-necessary-to-help-improve-the-health-of-your-uterine-liningThe reason that struggles sometimes occur is because of the effect that the polyps and the procedure have on the uterine lining. It could take the body some time to build up the health of the uterine lining so that the embryo is able to attach there.

Sometimes, medication may be necessary to help improve the health of your uterine lining following this procedure. However, there are also natural supplements that you can take to improve the health of it as well. Keep in mind that these supplements work naturally with the body, which means that they could take longer to become effective than prescription medications.

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