Can I get Pregnant with Short Luteal Phase?






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Can I get Pregnant with Short Luteal Phase?
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While it is possible to become pregnant with a short luteal phase, it is usually difficult for the pregnancy to sustain itself. The reason for this is because the lining tends to break down and cause an early miscarriage. There are many causes for a short luteal phase, but one of the most common is a low level of progesterone in the body.

The best way to increase your chances of becoming pregnant and keeping the pregnancy when you have this condition is to talk to your doctor. There are many treatment options available and you will want to learn more about them from your doctor.

it-is-possible-to-become-pregnant-with-a-short-luteal-phaseOne of the most common treatments is prescription medication. Your doctor will likely suggest a particular type of medication that will help to lengthen your luteal phase. There are also some over the counter supplements that you may want to try, but Clomid is one of the most popular prescribed by doctors.

After a miscarriage, you should see your doctor. They will try to determine what caused the miscarriage. If you find that it was due to a short luteal phase, you will have the opportunity to talk about treatment options at this time.

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