Neonatal Pulmonary Hemorrhage in Newborn






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Neonatal Pulmonary Hemorrhage in Newborn
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Neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage is a condition that occurs in a baby. Unfortunately, it currently has a high mortality rate. There are several risk factors that can cause a baby to have an increased risk of developing this condition. However, the exact cause of it is currently unknown.

Because the exact cause of neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage is unknown, there is currently no treatment available for it either. The condition itself occurs when there is a discharge of bloody fluid that comes from either the endotracheal tube or the upper respiratory tract.

The most common factor that is currently associated with this condition is a premature birth. Other items that can lead to this issue is bleeding disorders, infection, or even drug use on the part of the mother.

Neonatal-pulmonary-hemorrhage-is-a-condition-that-occurs-in-a-babyBabies who develop this condition will begin having a bloody fluid come from their nose or mouth. After this point, their condition will begin to worsen and they will have trouble breathing. The bleeding will spread to other areas and is common in the lungs.

The best way to treat neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage is to begin suctioning the fluid from the nose and mouth immediately. The baby will also need to be put on a ventilator so that it can begin receiving oxygen.

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