Natural Cradle Cap Remedy for Babies






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Natural Cradle Cap Remedy for Babies
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Cradle cap is something that many babies suffer from when they are younger. It is not something that will harm your child, but it can be irritating for their skin. Since it can become fairly itchy, it is a good idea to get rid of it when you can.

The first thing that you can do to help get rid of cradle cap is to shampoo your baby’s hair on a daily basis. Make sure that you use shampoo that helps to moisturize the skin. This will help to soften the scalp so that you can gently brush away the cradle cap with a brush.

Cradle-cap-is-something-that-many-babies-suffer-from-when-they-are-youngerAnother remedy that works well for cradle cap is baby oil. When your baby is playing in the bath, put a good deal of baby oil on their scalp and leave for several minutes. While you are getting your baby cleaned, make sure that you shampoo their scalp well in order to remove the oil from their hair. Then use a baby comb to remove the cradle cap gently.

Both of these methods will take some time to work properly. You may find that you have to repeat this for several days before the cradle cape is gone. After you are able to get rid of the cradle cap, you may also find that you must continue to keep your baby’s scalp moisturized in order to keep it from returning in the future.

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