Is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Genetic or Environmental?






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Is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Genetic or Environmental?
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When a woman is pregnant, there are many things that can affect the health and development of their baby. Most items that a woman worries about are genetic, but there are also some environmental concerns that women should be concerned about. One of these environmental issues is fetal alcohol syndrome.

This condition is caused when the mother drinks alcohol while she is pregnant. Even small amounts of alcohol can cause this condition to develop in a baby. Because of this, it is suggested that women avoid drinking alcohol while they are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Fetal alcohol syndrome often causes the woman to miscarry. However, if the baby is born with the syndrome, it will develop many birth defects. Unfortunately, this is not something that can easily be treated and there is no cure for it.

One-of-these-environmental-issues-is-fetal-alcohol-syndromeWhen a baby has this condition, they will have physical features that are very noticeable. For example, there will be abnormalities in their face. They will also be smaller than normal. While they are developing, their brain will also develop smaller. This will cause them to have learning disabilities.

Not only will the baby have a difficult time remembering the things that they learn, but they will also have a hard time learning in the first place. This can greatly affect the baby’s life will into their adult years.

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