How to Help my Toddler with a Fever






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How to Help my Toddler with a Fever
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A fever is the body’s response to an infection that it is fighting off. Toddlers are some of the most common people to develop a fever and it is common for them to experience one several times throughout the year. When your toddler has a fever, fighting it is something that you can usually do at home.

Start by giving your child over the counter medication as order by their pediatrician. It is important that you keep track of when you give the medication to your child so that you can provide dosages properly. Next, you should give your toddler a lukewarm bath to help bring their temperature back into the normal range.

fever-is-the-bodys-response-to-an-infection-that-it-is-fighting-offWhen you are giving your child a bath, avoid making the water cold. If your child becomes cold in the bath, it is possible that they will begin to shiver. Shivering can actually bring your toddler’s body temperature up instead of lowering it.

After the bath, dress your child in light clothes and avoid wrapping them in thick blankets. You can also decrease the temperature in the house or place a fan pointed towards your child. All of these are things that you can do to help your toddler when they have a fever and will help bring the fever down quickly.

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